About Cliffs Edge Lofts

     Formerly the home of the Lynchburg Shoe Company and constructed in 1910, Cliffs Edge Lofts is an extraordinary example of urban redevelopment. Appropriately named due to its outstanding location atop a 50’ cliff overlooking the James River, Cliffs Edge represents a new standard for affordable luxury living. Amenities include superior finishes, a 24 hour gym, safe and convenient parking and a 75’ elevator that transports residents between each floor and down to the resident community room located adjacent to the Blackwater Creek Trail.

     Cliffs Edge is a balance of luxury, location and convenience designed to complement a progressive lifestyle and downtown’s ongoing revitalization.  Here history, natural beauty and energy all come together to create a true urban experience.  Whether you want to rest and relax or dine, shop and play, at Cliffs Edge you can have it all.  Only a few blocks will separate you and your home from many of Lynchburg’s finest restaurants, stores, entertainment venues and spectacular outdoor amenities.